Ultralight Pilot Licence

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Ultralight Helicopter Pilot Licence (ULOPF)

Why train with Helicentras instructors?

If you’re like most flight students, you want to get your pilot’s license for as little money as possible. Even though you may be able to find really cheap flight programs, you need to keep in mind that these programs probably won’t have the advanced training you need, give you very many flight hours, or fully prepare you for life as a helicopter pilot.

Having professional training as a UL helicopter pilot comes with many benefits. You’ll be a safer, more confident pilot, you’ll have more experience and awareness of emergency procedures. We approach UL pilot training with the same level of professionalism as we would for larger aircraft such as R44 or R22. Therefore, we treat UL aircraft training with the same level of responsibility and thoroughness as we do for general aviation aircraft.

Through our training program, you will develop numerous high-quality piloting habits and attain a high standard of safety for your solo flights. The instructors you’ll fly with are experienced CPL pilots boasting years of experience. We’ll share with you the wealth of knowledge and top-notch piloting practices we’ve acquired over decades


– At least 16 years old. Legal guardian consent for persons under 18 years of age
– Valid B category Driver’s Medical.

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Course Content


Throughout the training, it’s essential to complete the theoretical course for UL aircraft pilots. In this basic pilot course, we’ll cover fundamental knowledge. You have the option to begin practical training on the aircraft right away and concurrently undertake this course, which is often advisable as it provides context for the individual lectures. At the end of the training you will take a theory test on the following subjects:

  • Air Law and flight procedures
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Characteristics and Planning
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Flight Principles
  • Communication
  • Aircraft Flight Manual

You can start training on the aircraft immediately and complete the entire pilot theory course while flying.

Flight training

The minimum total number of flying hours required is 26 hours for A category. After completing the basic curriculum of the whole course, if the student is prepared according to the instructor, he / she takes the final exams with designated examiner. The exam consists of a theoretical test and a practical flying test. The Lithuanian ULOPF examiner decides on the issue of the pilot license based on the results.


According to the training curriculum, a minimum of 26 flight hours must be completed. However, it is only a prescribed minimum, which does not automatically entitle you to obtain a pilot certificate! We won’t let anyone who really is not be able to fly take the final exams!

Try your first lesson with us and then decide

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