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Based at Vilnius airport, Helicentras is a vibrant Helicopter Flight School, providing both practical and theoretical helicopter flight training. Our services include training, maintenance and helipad developments. If you want a taste of flying in a helicopter we have a range of flight experience packages. Our Demo Flights allow you to choose where you would like to start. Perhaps you might want to try flying a helicopter. We can offer you a lesson, where you’ll take the controls and be guided by an instructor in our dual controlled training helicopters, you’ll soon be flying across the countryside. It’s a unique experience that some continue with to gain a Private Pilot’s Licence. Hundreds of pilots have been through our flight instructors with some going on to gain commercial licences and flight instructor qualifications.


Private Pilot License – PPL(H)

The aim of the Private Pilot PPL(H) course is to train the student pilot to fly safely and efficiently under Visual Flight Rules. To students who have successfully passed theory exams and skill test Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) provides private pilot licence. The holder of PPL licence becomes entitled to fly as pilot-in-command or co-pilot in aircrafts, which are recorded in a pilot licence.

Type Rating Conversion – SEP(H)

We offer Type Rating Conversion training for helicopter pilots wishing to fly specific helicopter types. We are approved to provide Single Engine Piston Helicopter (SEP(H)) type rating conversion and training.


- Air Law and Operational Procedures – Aircraft General Knowledge – Navigation – Aircraft Flight Manual – Communication – Principles of Flight – Meteorology – Flight Performance and Planning – Human Performance and Limitations

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